Music Monday!


UH OH guess what day it is.  Guess. What. Day. It. Is! …MONDAY! (you thought I was going to say “Hump Day” didn’t you?) I did not forget about Music Monday today, not uh, no sir I did not. This week its a lil bit of Lil Wayne, young weezy, coming atcha.  My new roommate actually played this song in her car the other day for my other roommate who in turn showed it to me last night.  I cannot get this song out of my head! If you follow my blog you will quickly realize I like some weird, strange things.  Like voice at the start of the song saying “I feel like dying”. Its kind of creepy, and child-like demonic…and the sound gets caught in my mind. Give this song a try, if its not for you then, well…stop listening to it! Have a kick-ass Monday everyone!


Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.


When life gives the the opportunity to use one of the most overused Legally Blonde lines for a blog title, you take it!

Scripted lines or not this statement stands true.  Exercise does indeed give you endorphins and endorphins do make people happy, Elle Woods was no liar.  I used to absolutely detest going to the gym, every last thing about it.  To this day it is still not one of my favorite things to do, more like a chore I need to cross off my list.  But like most chores it is the after-reward that makes it worth it.  Just like cleaning your room is a pain, you can’t deny how much better you feel once it is cleaned. Same with the gym. Once you put in your hard work and time you get to go home, take a hot shower, and you feel amazing! I always find it easier to smile after a workout. I, as many white girls in their twenties, suffer from BRF (bitchy resting face).

After putting some time in at the gym smiling seems to come easier and I am typically in a happier mood!  THAT is what keeps me going to the gym.

Yeah, Yeah, Okay…I know!


The title of this post is usually how I respond to my mom when she is pestering me about being lazy, so I thought it fit nicely.  I know I’ve been slippin’.  You don’t have to tell me twice, or once for that matter.  I’ve missed two music monday posts, but I’ve just been busy!  The real world is a pretty demanding place!! But I am doing my best to do better.  Honestly and truly.  I even bought a planner yesterday, & if that doesn’t mean business then I don’t know what does. So you can start to expect more from me!



MUSIC MONDAYS! I am going to start trying to upload a song every Monday. It will just be the song I’ve been into most recently into.  But you have been warned I have a very eclectic taste in music. Today could be pop, next week could be country, and alternative or rap/hip hop could come after. I’ll keep y’all guessing 🙂  This song, not only is really pretty, but I love the message it sends out towards everyone, especially women.  And if you’ll notice my “tagline” are lyrics to this song.

**And yes, I am aware that today is Tuesday but I just couldn’t wait a whole week to post this!  Plus I want to keep this blog and my tumblr ( in sync.

Diet’s Don’t Work


I’m not at a healthy weight.

Even writing that line was a struggle, because I have to face reality of the situation.  I’m overweight.  It makes me ashamed, embarrassed, and mad at myself for allowing this to go on for as long as it has which is essentially my entire life. Granted I do have an honest-to-God thyroid condition that effects my insulin and sugar levels and such (ask my endocrinologist if you don’t believe me!). This makes it just a little harder to lose weight than the average person. But I am sick of looking the way I do, feeling the way I do, and hiding behind a valid-yet-pathetic excuse. So I am changing my lifestyle, because diets especially ones that promise quick and easy results do not work.  Not for me, not for anyone.  And if you do shed those pounds in three weeks it is not healthy for your body and you are more apt to gain them back before the year is over. My freshman year at college I had a roommate who was no bigger than a size 10 and was obsessed with diet fads, pills, and teas. None of it worked for her, and she refused to eat healthy and go to the gym. So I am working on changing my lifestyle to a healthier one and holding myself responsible. One blog that just really, truly inspired me was Simply Taralynn, which was originally a tumblr blog called Undressed Skeleton when I stumbled upon it. You all should check out Taralynn’s site, I promise you won’t regret it!

“It’s whatever you want it to be”


»”What is your name?”

»”It’s whatever you want it to be.”

I am a peacekeeper, a people pleaser, and the girl that believes she has to meet everyone else’s expectations. I am the girl who acts one way to her parents, and another way to her parents friends.  I act differently around my friends and the people I go to school with. I am an entirely different person while I am at work. I am the person who feels the need to live up to how everybody else perceives me. It has taken me twenty years to realize I need to stop allowing people to define who I should be. It is high time I give being myself a chance.

»”What is your name?”

Hi I’m Allison, nice to meet you.