Perfectly Positive! Music Monday: Double Trouble Edition


I promised some time ago that the next music monday post would be happier and more upbeat!  So without further ado…THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS! (and no, not this guy here below).






I also just made plans to visit my best friend to go and see Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour this October! I love all types of music, country included, and even if you aren’t a country music fan have you seen Mr. Bryan’s rear? The man was blessed in the ASSets department 😉  So in honor of the Farm Tour here is a little country to kick off your week!


Technically…Time Zones


So while technically my laptop is telling me that it is 1:42 AM on Tuesday morning I have yet to go to sleep so my brain is still saying its Monday.  Also on the West Coast of the US it is still Monday…so I think this qualifies as a solid Music Monday post (even if I do live on the East Coast). YAY! I’m going with I didn’t miss it!

So just a lil message to all y’all out there. Today’s song and last weeks song both have some variation of the word “Death” in the song and song title. So just a PSA (public service announcement for all y’all who ain’t in with the government issued slang) I am not in a dark place, nor am I angry, upset, or sad.  I’m actually very happy…I just post music that I like…so yeah! I promise to post something more happy and positive next week!


The Pretty Reckless, fronted by Taylor Momsen, whom you may recognize as Jenny Humphrey from Gossip girl, formed in 2007. When I first heard of this band back when Gossip Girl was still on TV (post Jenny Humphrey seasons) I was reluctant to listen to The Pretty Reckless simply because of Momsen’s relation to one of my favorite TV dramas. Fast-forward to today and I heard a song on the radio as I was heading home from World Market. I looked it up as soon as I got home and who-wuda-thunk-it…it was the Pretty Reckless! I looked up a handful more of their songs and it isn’t half bad! Give it a chance and Momsen might just surprise you!

Music Monday!


UH OH guess what day it is.  Guess. What. Day. It. Is! …MONDAY! (you thought I was going to say “Hump Day” didn’t you?) I did not forget about Music Monday today, not uh, no sir I did not. This week its a lil bit of Lil Wayne, young weezy, coming atcha.  My new roommate actually played this song in her car the other day for my other roommate who in turn showed it to me last night.  I cannot get this song out of my head! If you follow my blog you will quickly realize I like some weird, strange things.  Like voice at the start of the song saying “I feel like dying”. Its kind of creepy, and child-like demonic…and the sound gets caught in my mind. Give this song a try, if its not for you then, well…stop listening to it! Have a kick-ass Monday everyone!